The Human Mission to Mars

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Quaddel – Recursive Growth

The project “Quaddel – Recursive Growth” investigates the possibilities of algorithmic modulation of growing an organic structure. The used growth algorithm is based on a diffusion-reaction system. Originally this type has been coded by the design collective “descriptive”(C.Bader & D.Kolb). The..

Find your Neighbours

The idea is based on the “neighbours” node in Houdini, but realised in C4D. C4D offers a simple method, by using the MoGraph Cloner node in combination with the Metaball and Atom Array. The Cloner array contains the information of a given geometry, which deforms through a noise manipulation over..

AISB 2018 The Technobody


How canthe effect of digitalisationon our environment berepresented in an art formthatcan generate consciousness? The project ‘Technobody’adaptsthe installation Colloquy of Mobilesby Gordon Pask toan animatronic art formthatrepresents the relationshipbetweenthe human being to technology..

Phase Space & The Technobody

A Phase Space is a space where all possible states of a system are represented. The Technobody deals with the de-humanization through our extended phenotypes. The Technobody commits to the idea that it’s just a site for the mind. It is crucial to learn how to survive this disjuncture of reality..

Smart City Concepts

Städtebauliche Auswirkungen der Energiewende
Der Ausstieg aus der Atomenergie wird städtebauliche Veränderungen mit sich bringen. Themen wie Elektromobilität, Speichersysteme, Fotovoltaik etc. werfen Fragen zu räumlichen Umstrukturierungsprozessen und damit zu neuen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und..