Dietmar Köring, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) M.Arch. Architect BDA, is an architect, researcher, and educator living in Cologne & Berlin.  He is a research fellow at TU Berlin / CHORA City & Energy and is head of the architectural research office Arphenotype, where he focuses on blurring the boundaries of different artistic disciplines. Dietmar has taught Digital Design at TU Braunschweig from 2010 to 2012, he was Guest Professor for Virtual Realities & Experimental Architecture at the University Innsbruck ./Studio3 in 2011, Technology and Design Lecturer at the Cologne Institute for Architectural Design / C-I-A-D and visiting lecturer for digital design at the DeMontfort University Leicester.  From 2011 to 2012 he was assistant professor for Smart Grid research (Smart City Concepts 2022) at the Institute for Corporate Architecture at the Cologne Technical University.

He studied architecture  at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, the University of Western Sydney and  at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, were he graduated as in 2005 as Dipl.-Ing. (FH). Dietmar received his MArch in 2007 at the Bartlett School of Architecture University College London, under Prof. Neil Spiller and Phil Watson. Since 2008 he is a registered Architect at the AKNW and ARB.

Through his career he has worked internationally for offices such as Coop Himmelblau, Graft, 3deluxe and Andrew Wright Associates. His research has been awarded by the Jaap Bakema Fellowship / NAI and his works have been internationally published and exhibited, including MoMa New York, Heide Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia and Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin. Dietmar has given international lectures, guest critiques and workshops. Since 2013 he is collaborating with Simon Takaski as Takasaki Koering Architects.

Dietmar is member of the narrative research network

Arphenotype 建筑
研究办公室 – Dietmar Köring

Dietmar Köring是一个生活在柏林和科隆的建筑师和研究者。他是柏林工业大学CHORA城市与能源项目的研究院,同时也是Arphenotype建筑研究办公室——致力于模糊不同艺术学科的界限——的负责人。在2010-2012年间,他在布伦瑞克工业大学教授数字设计。2011年他曾任因斯布鲁克大学“虚拟实境与实验建筑”的客座教授、科隆建筑设计学院“科技与设计”的讲师、德蒙特福特大学“数字设计”的客座讲师。2011-2012年间,他是克隆科技大学合作建筑学院“智能电网”(智慧城市概念2020)研究的助理教授。

他在科隆应用科技大学、澳大利亚西悉尼大学、穆特修斯美术学院学习建筑。2005年他毕业并取得学位。2007年他在伦敦大学学院Bartlett大学学院教授Neil Spiller 及Phil Watson的指导下取得硕士学位。自2008年之后,他是AKNW和ARB的注册建筑师。

在他的职业生涯中,他在全球不同机构工作,其中包括Coop Himmelblau, Graft, 3deluxe & Andrew Wright Associates。他获得过Jaap Bakema Fellowship / NAI奖励。同时,他的作品也在全世界发表,包括纽约现代艺术博物馆, 海德澳大利亚当代艺术博物馆以及柏林德国科技博物馆。Dietmar也参加了众多国际会议以及研讨会。自2013年起,他与Simon Takaski合作成立了Takasaki Koering 建筑。他也是研究网络horizon.com的成员。