Probing the Digital: Cyborgs, Avatars and AI

Probing the Digital
D. Koering, E. Sommeregger, S. Muehl
In this captivating podcast discussion, experts delve into the profound implications of posthuman technologies like cyborgs, avatars, and AI on society and philosophy. They explore issues of technology inequality, the reshaping of human identity in the era of cyborgs, avatars and the societal influence on AI’s future.

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner calls for a responsible approach to posthuman tech, challenging conventional dualistic views of humanity and highlighting the adaptability of humans to technological enhancements. Marc Ries stresses the importance of maintaining distinctions between humans and cyborgs, emphasizing the intricate nature of identity. Darja Popolitova, shares her creative process involving digital selves and the ethical considerations of their impact on art.

The discussion highlights the intersection of politics and technology, urging reflection on access, equality, and ethical dimensions in the evolving landscape of posthuman technologies. In the final segments, the dialogue critiques utopian ideals like mind uploading to reach immortality, advocating for a focus on real-world challenges related to AI, cyborgs, and digitalization. The panellists emphasize power dynamics, privacy, and data ownership. The conversation encourages a shift away from utopian thinking toward a nuanced understanding of the complexities of AI and cyborg technologies and their impact on society and politics. The discourse also explores the influence of data and AI on art, particularly in the context of NFTs and the digital art market. The panelists discuss the significance of data in art, authentication through blockchain technology, and the challenges of standardizing digital art. In the final part, the discussion contemplates the post-human future, discussing the coexistence of digital and physical art forms, technology’s role in shaping human bodies and aesthetics, and the concept of post-human existence with multiple identities.

The dialogue concludes with a positive note, emphasizing the importance of embracing complexity and interconnectedness in the digital age. It offers hope and gratitude to listeners amidst ongoing technological transformations.




Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Professor of Philosophy at John Cabot University Rome, Italy.

Marc Ries, Professor of Sociology and Theory of the Media at HfG Offenbach, Germany.

Darja Popolitova, contemporary (jewellery) artist, lecturer and PhD student at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia.


Dietmar Koering, Art Academy of Latvia, LMDA, Riga, Latvia.


Eva Sommeregger and Sebastian Muehl, Art Academy of Latvia, LMDA, Riga, Latvia.

Recorded: 15.09.2023, Art Academy of Latvia, LMDA, Riga, Latvia.

Funded by the the Baltic-German University Liaison Office. Photo credit: Stable Diffusion AI, prompt: installation art, fragmented body and computer parts, dark landscape, lens flare.

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