Sinfonia Varsovia

City of Varsovia
Tobias Klein, Annelie & Paul Giencke, Alexey Marfin, Buro Happold & Arphenotype

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A concert hall is more than just a venue; it’s a space for connection, for observation, and for serenity amidst the harmonies of music. The Sinfonia Varsovia embarks on a mission to embody all these facets, serving as both a stage for musical excellence and a vibrant public space enriching the urban fabric of Varsofia. Our aim was to craft a sinuous and elegant architectural marvel that seamlessly integrates into its historic surroundings while exuding contemporary dynamism.

An essential element of our urban strategy was to preserve the axis established by the main green square, ensuring strong visual connections throughout the area. Nestled adjacent to an existing building, the Sinfonia gracefully diverges from symmetry to extend over it, offering inviting vistas towards Terespolska street without obstructing views of the adjacent Park Obwodu Praga Armii Kargowig. The main entrance, situated in the northwest corner, unveils a dramatic suspended curve-linear staircase, inviting visitors into a mesmerizing journey through the building.

By day, the Sinfonia presents itself as a stoic, geometric volume, asserting its presence within the historic context. However, as night descends, the facade comes alive with playful light patterns, beckoning passersby to explore its interior. Inside, meticulous attention was paid to the seamless integration of the concert hall and foyers, creating a multi-layered spatial experience that unfolds gradually as visitors ascend towards the vineyard-inspired concert hall.

The entrance hall, a transparent glass structure intersecting the main sinfonia volume, serves as a bustling hub spanning two floors, fostering interaction and community engagement. Here, the Sinfonia transcends its role as a mere performance venue, evolving into a vibrant meeting place for both local and international visitors, hosting concerts and a diverse array of public events year-round.

Within the concert hall itself, the architecture embodies a captivating interplay of crisp lines and gentle curves, constantly reacting to its surroundings with dynamic energy. The Sinfonia Varsovia emerges as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, seamlessly blending into the urban fabric while captivating the imagination with its dynamic form and spirited ambiance.