Future Epigraphs

Future Epigraphs


Dietmar Koering, Loris Rossi, Alper Derinboğaz

Talks: Mert Eyiler, Saitali Köknar, Ebru Yetişkin. Moderator: Dilek Öztürk

The workshop is organized by MEF FADA, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture in MEF University İstanbul. The workshop will be taking place in Istanbul between 26th – 28th of April 2018.

The main idea of the workshop is to develop speculative morphologies for the future of constantly condensing cities. The city is facing a never ending increase of inhabitants and countless amount of constructions. Future Epigraphs is rethinking the city as a future fact by projecting new multi-layered urban paradigms.

D. Koering will lecture about:

“Blurred Boundaries – Human beings between space and technology”