Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
Festspielhaus Baden-Baden GmbH

I went into the forest
Even before my birth
You think that I am special
Just take a look at me first

I‘m naked over water
The ground is over my feet
Don‘t care for the surroundings
My snake is not my fare

Yes, I‘m special
But it hurts
Your catalogue has
Made it worse
Guess I‘m special
To complain
In this forest I
Am not sane

by St. Thomas „into the forest“

In the Café, the normal behavior of people is revealed, especially in the break of plays, there is often the need to exchange or quench the thirst. “Into the Forest” divides the foyer into three zones of distress and creates a surreal forest landscape that develops in a river from the bar. This allows a smooth service at the bar itself, but also in the daily use of the cafes a pleasant atmosphere by a change of sun and shade. The user is invited to a spectacle with the spatial sculpture.

Since the façade faces southeast, it makes sense to create an opening so that the outside area can be used as a sun deck or, conversely, as a stage. In this case, it is assumed that the actors use the forest as a stage set and the audience watch the performance from outside like in an “open air” cinema. The façade itself can also be used as a projection surface and creates a spacious room image at night.