AISB 2018 The Technobody

AISB 2018 Symposium: Cybernetic Serendipity Reimagined
Dietmar Koering
Conference Paper


How canthe effect of digitalisationon our environment berepresented in an art formthatcan generate consciousness? The project ‘Technobody’adaptsthe installation Colloquy of Mobilesby Gordon Pask toan animatronic art formthatrepresents the relationshipbetweenthe human being to technology and a sensory environment, which consequently leadstothe evolutionofthe Technobody. Richard Dawkins’s conceptof the extended phenotype is linked to the virtual environment, which results in a‘virtual extended phenotype’. The designed Technobody establishesa reflexive loop between its state as an object and its use as an extended observer. The observer, in this case the human being,is in the system of virtual seduction. The purpose of this study is to identify how knowledge about systemscan be generated and transferred to observersthroughinteraction and participation.

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