AIT / Object Carpet
Dietmar Koering

KIR – Kriseninterventionsraum

For the roadshow “Young, Younger, Forever Young” initiated by Object Carpet and AIT, we where invited as one of 25 young architectural offices to “shape space” according to an outline, which is set by a godaparent. This godparent is another architectural company, which was part of the first show six yearsago  in our case OX2 Architects. The outline was to shape space for a  “Kriseninterventionsraum”.

SOC Cybernetics

In the digital age, filter bubbles, fakenews, and “post-faktische” conclusions are ubiquitous. Consequently, the question arises as to how we can spatially protect our thoughts, not just the physical body, and at the same time treat the symptoms.

The design visualizes a machine that creates a narrative location, which breaks the virtual boundaries of filter bubbles and echo chambers – a crisis intervention space (KIR – Kriseninterventionsraum). This is done through a new consciousness and knowledge in relation to nature; however, the shown nature is a placeholder for our social environment. People should not take everything for granted, they need think about the source and action – which currently often result in unseen algorithms. The user is the observer of this work, hence his mind creates the reality. The mind itself as organ does not care if its reality or fiction, it is computing the seen through chemical reactions. Already Le Corbusier concluded that architecture can be created in the spirit, so as to give the possibility to trigger further and further systems. If we cannot influence anymore as architects the unseen space of networks, then we have to work with our spirit and a new consciousness. The future lies not in improved machines and algorithms, it’s about the control of the brain.

Crisis Intervention Room