Maritim Seebrücke Timmendorfer Strand

Maritim Seebruecke Timmendorfer Strand
Gemeinde Timmendorfer Strand Kurbetrieb
Dietmar Koering, Duane W. Harry, Ksenia Kalacheva

The Maritime Pier as a sculptural element on Timmendorfer Strand. The forward-thinking design allows for various uses and thus creates a new central focal point. The three space-defining structures represent the towns of Timmendorfer Strand, Groß Timmendorf, and Hemmelsdorf.

Each structure can be used differently, but all are highlighted with light. The first serves as a gateway to the horizon, akin to a church door that must be passed through. The second features an integrated staircase to the lower deck and a fog installation, which also provides cooling in the summer. Additionally, projections can be displayed in the fog, creating an intriguing light installation. The third structure offers shade in the summer with a small sail and warmth in the winter through integrated heating tubes. The 2nd and 3rd structures together form a central focal point. Here, one can walk to the end to enjoy the full view of the sea and beach, or to the “Timmendorfer Klippe,” a small diving platform also used as a vantage point for photographers at weddings. On the other side, in the 2nd structure, there is a staircase leading to the “Lower Deck,” where small boats or jet skis can dock and provide a viewpoint of the beach and Maritim Hotel. If one chooses to walk to the end of the pier, they reach a larger platform where excursion boats can dock. Here, additional benches invite visitors to linger and enjoy the evening sun. These benches also serve as seating for weddings. Furthermore, there is ample space here for further celebratory events, including small concerts.

Maritim Pier Timmendorfer Strand AXO

Lighting Concept

The three standalone structures are brought to life through dynamic lighting, transforming them into a vibrant, pulsating organism. This effect is achieved through concealed RGB LEDs, allowing the structures to adapt to any situation – glowing in radiant white for a wedding, transitioning to a warm red hue. Upon request, they can also adjust to ambient light conditions or even remain visible during daylight hours. A second component involves illuminating the edges of the tartan track with LED strips, guiding visitors along a designated path. The final attraction is the indirect lighting of the bridge structure, casting a mystical reflection in the water at night, giving it an ethereal appearance. Given the bridge’s distinctive design, a deliberate distinction is made between day and night – by day, it’s a sculptural coastal pathway, by night, a new mystical form, illuminated through LED technology.

Maritim Pier Timmendorfer Strand 2016