Conscious City Lab – TU Berlin

“Envisioning Berlin’s Smart City Future: The Conscious City Lab”

In the imminent age of the Smart City, where self-driving cars, sensor-equipped trash bins, and app-based parking assistance herald a new era, Berlin is poised to embrace this transformative vision. Over the coming years, the city..

Algorithm for a Wall

In pursuit of concealing a wall cladding with an innovative aesthetic, our design endeavor unfolded along the trajectory of algorithmic exploration. By ingeniously harnessing the power of algorithmic modeling, we embarked upon a journey to sculpt surfaces with a profound sense of dynamism and..


KIR – Kriseninterventionsraum

For the roadshow “Young, Younger, Forever Young” initiated by Object Carpet and AIT, we where invited as one of 25 young architectural offices to “shape space” according to an outline, which is set by a godaparent. This godparent is another architectural company,..

Begegnungsstätte für Flüchtlinge, Bad Honnef

“Containers for Refugees – NO!” / “Container für Flüchtlinge- NEIN!”

Architektur als Antwort auf derzeitige Containerbehausungen für Flüchtlinge – Überseecontainer sind für uns in diesem Zusammenhang nicht vertretbar; wir sehen dies als “ironischen” Ansatz, in Hinblick auf die Fluchtbedingungen..

Maritim Seebrücke Timmendorfer Strand

The Maritime Pier as a sculptural element on Timmendorfer Strand. The forward-thinking design allows for various uses and thus creates a new central focal point. The three space-defining structures represent the towns of Timmendorfer Strand, Groß Timmendorf, and Hemmelsdorf.

Each structure can be..

Martin Luther Denkmal 2017 Berlin



  1. Neupositionierung der Martin-Luther-Skulptur (Bauhöhe)
  2. Eingliederung der erhalten Fundamente und geschichtlichen Verweise
  3. Etablierung der Besucher als neue „Gefährten“ von Martin Luther
  4. Screens als abstrakte Bildträger, welche gleichzeitig als dynamische Beleuchtung..

Serlachius Museum Gösta

Introduction: The Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Museum, renowned for its extensive collection and commitment to art appreciation, is embarking on an exciting new chapter with the launch of an international competition for the design of its extension. This expansion aims to accommodate various..