Soft Bodies

Wiesner Hager
Kenny Kinugasa Tsui, Tobias Klein, Dietmar Koering

Soft bodies intend to liquefy the crystalline structures of architecture and design contaminating media; breaking down a psycho sensorial unity of body and surrounding environment . Hence the experimental analysis is formed by the use and communication with the object, locally, and globally through technologically driven electronics.

One of our main idea is the anatomy of communication, and hence the study into the seating positions and forms of communication. We decided not to stringently follow up a dictated protocol but to allow for unexpected situation to occur. Another important concept was to create a digital fabric that allows to ease the virtual actual communication through a human interface design. We are working with pressure sensitive LED fitted Corean.

In architectural terms our design is a hybrid between the existing structures of modernism environments and new textures of a reformed baroque. We are trying amongst other things to work in between the white wall ( surface driven architecture) and the eccentric beauty of convoluted baroque.

The propose form is adaptive to various contexts & environments. The dynamic form of the bench allows multiple user configurations and possibilities for different activities, hence it can be installed in interior (Office /airport/hotel reception lounge, etc) or semi public spaces (art gallery / library, etc)



softbodies_3 softbodies_4 softbodies_2