Thyssenkrupp Elevator Comp. Dubai

Thyssen Krupp Elevator Dubai
Tobias Klein, CoCo Architects & Arphenotype

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 Harmonious Tension: Integrating Nature and Architecture in Dubai

Our proposal for the Thyssen Krupp Elevator Competition in Dubai reimagines the ground space as a spectacular reflection of the towering structure’s tensegrity system. Utilizing light wave aluminum, we introduce a captivating counterpoint to the core’s imposing presence. At the heart of our design lies the central vortex, an exploration of the seamless integration between nature and architecture through spatial structures and organic forms.

Through meticulous computerized studies, we have crafted a design that blurs the boundaries between built environment and natural landscape. Our approach is responsive to daylight, ensuring a dynamic interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. The result is a harmonious fusion of innovative engineering and organic beauty, offering a transformative experience for visitors and residents alike.