Metonomyzed Objects

Calgary Art Festival

Life is an intricate symphony, resonating with the essence of Nada Brahma. In its tapestry, all elements interweave akin to rhizomatic roots, forming a unified whole stretching from the earthly realms to the celestial spheres. There exists no sanctuary; instead, we find ourselves enveloped in boundless space—a framework of spatial consciousness. It serves as a canvas for the intellect, reminiscent of Plato’s dialogues basked in the radiant glow of the sun, echoing the philosophical insights of Gersonides. Nature’s profound influence, intimately entwined with humanity yet often overlooked, manifests as a dance between illumination and obscurity, akin to the merging of the Nightingale’s melody with concealed steel. Within this optimistic realm, the corporeal and the ethereal coalesce, inhabiting a realm of extended virtuality—a mode of existence beyond the confines of the physical. The gates to new dimensions stand ajar, beckoning exploration beyond the boundaries of conscious awareness.





The notion of the “Dead Bone” symbolizes the hollowed remnants left behind when metaphysical inquiries penetrate the fabric of existence. This intrusion precipitates a rupture, transforming the object into a fractured, metonymized entity—a testament to the recursive nature of cognition, as espoused in the realms of second-order cybernetics. Within this domain, metaphysical agents assume spectral roles within the machinations of the mind, propelled by diverse influences and shaping systems through the very act of cognition. Pioneering intellects probe the notion of embodiment as a locus, dismantling the technobody through the lenses of reality. Sensory modalities undergo a metamorphosis, as digital currents course through the veins, reverberating against the corporeal form in a symphony of transformation.