Energy Networks of Europe

Energy Networks of Europe researches an utopian system that provides a closed loop for energy and food production. It visually and artistically adapts the futuristic vision of the metabolists of the 50s and 60s to today’s society. Most of these utopian megastructures dealt with social issues and..

Floating Permaculture

Floating permaculture is the subject of Dietmar Koering’s project as Bakema Fellow, awarded by the Bakema Foundation, a collaboration between the Netherlands Architecture Institute and A10. Koering’s research and design project of floating permaculture is based on the observation that mankind..

Natural Capital Comp – Reality Bytes

Where is the rain in the forest? The falling leaves have turned into the data of the skin, how come? Today’s nature is a Kunstlandschaft which acts as sense-able landscape extending our bodily perception; the so beloved morning dew became digital.

Cityscapes in contemporary architecture are..

Teil des Systems

Die Abbildung zeigt das ursprünglich von Albert Bierstadt gemalte Bild „In the Mountains (1867)“. Er war dafür bekannt, romantische Ansichten des westlichen Amerikas zu Beginn der Kolonialisierung darzustellen. Bierstadt erstellte Skizzen, um sie später in ein komplett romantisches, aber..