Strawberry Fields








80% of world population will live in towns and cities by 2050. It is 50% today

80% of people in th UK live in towns and cities today

80% of Londons food is imported

23% of each persons carbon footprint comes from the production of food and its transport

1.4m of..

Soft Bodies

Soft bodies intend to liquefy the crystalline structures of architecture and design contaminating media; breaking down a psycho sensorial unity of body and surrounding environment . Hence the experimental analysis is formed by the use and communication with the object, locally, and globally..

P&G Landmark





The new P&G Gillette Landmark aims to reflect and reinforce the history and tradition of this brand in combination with new trendsetting avant garde techniques and materials.

Gillette Razors (products) are use every days by men and women around the world. The “TRAC 2 / Cultural..

Metonomyzed Objects




Life is all, therewith Nada Brahma. Like a rhizome all is connected in the structure / one body from the earth up to the sky. No shelter, just floating space; a spatial skeleton. It is a location for the mind; discussing like Plato under the same sun; creating a view according to..