Captain America

Captain America
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_: Concept

Captain America doesn’t want to solve design problems through its form, it rather represents a statement which creates a discussion; an Object which stimulates simultaneous a poetic reaction. Main Idea is to use Nature and to integrate systems (Biomimicry) in nowadays environment.

“This used to be a hell of a good country. They are not scared about you, they are scared about what you represent. Oh no, what you represent to them is freedom, freedom in Design; that’s what it is all about. “

The traditional Bus Stop, a place for Waiting, wasted time. Captain America is a place to visit, to hang around. A sculptural solution for a deserted place, located in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Not only for waiting, a shelter for wanderers, which delivers fresh water. It has as idol the Thorny Devil, Moloch Horridus. The spiky skin gathers water through its extended surface from moisture, rain and humidity and directs it through semi-enclosed channels into the water pockets, which are located at the site of the sculpture.

On one side of the bus Stop is a Bio Algae Reactor which wont deliver Fuel or Energy as known. It creates an dry Algae Bio Mass, which will be substance to smoke. With this new natural tobacco it tries to set a new benchmark of freedom: water and cigarettes for everybody.

The big umbrella also provides shading for those who are waiting, the bench acts as place to sleep, secure hovered from the ground. Each “Captain America” is equipped with a phone, for emergency, but also links this idea to the traditional Mojave Phone Both (orig. number: 714-733-9969). Fans called the both, which is now removed, attempting to get a reply, and a few took trips to the booth to answer, often camping out at the site.