Energy Networks of Europe

Energy Networks of Europe researches an utopian system that provides a closed loop for energy and food production. It visually and artistically adapts the futuristic vision of the metabolists of the 50s and 60s to today’s society. Most of these utopian megastructures dealt with social issues and..

Floating Permaculture

Floating permaculture is the subject of Dietmar Koering’s project as Bakema Fellow, awarded by the Bakema Foundation, a collaboration between the Netherlands Architecture Institute and A10. Koering’s research and design project of floating permaculture is based on the observation that mankind..

High Voltage Transmission Line Towers








Cells continually adapt to precisely fulfil their function. Through researching organic forms and their production methods the intelligence of the material itself should support the design language, the lightness and stiffness. Fibrous systems and computation is the answer..

Captain America



_: Concept

Captain America doesn’t want to solve design problems through its form, it rather represents a statement which creates a discussion; an Object which stimulates simultaneous a poetic reaction. Main Idea is to use Nature and to integrate systems (Biomimicry) in nowadays..

Taipei X-Site Pavilion










Gravity as force which effect every part of life and natural behaviour on our planet. Gravity is adapted in the formfinding process oft he structure, defined by two shells which are genretaed with two different loads. This generates already a stiff structure, but..

Woody Wall


The Woody Wall uses compositional geometric figures based on a fractal algorithm (IFS fractal method), each of which has the same proportional character as the whole. The wall panel uses the mathematical logic of fractals to create squares and nested geometric shapes that express an infinite..

DiStasio Australian Pavilion Venice Biennale






_:Tom Waits

“I tell you all my secrets, but I laugh about my past”


Architectural form and its relationship to nature, environment and society has rich antecedents to the human body. The two entrances are generating a float of visitors, it becomes a spatial structure,..